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Beyond creating the unprecedented global health emergency of our times, the spread of the novel has had many unexpected.

In 2019 Netflix launched about nine times as much original programming as its chief video-streaming rival Amazon. This is.

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Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy.

they have a lot of anonymous.

Even non-anime fans will admit to liking at least one animated series or movie from Japan.

There are so many isekai anime.

Orlando Bloom is opening up about his sex life — revealing that he was celibate for six months before meeting Katy Perry in.

Thanks to the globalization of the media, western audiences have gotten more and more access to one of Japan’s more dubious.

Neo Yokio tackles complex social issues while ripe with satirical, absurdist humor. There is no better time than now to catch.

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REVIEW: The Conditions of Paradise Collects Cute Tales of.

– While The Conditions of Paradise isn’t aiming hard on heavy realism, there’s an authenticity to the perspective behind its.

Castlevania is always good, but with Netflix giving it more episodes this time, it doesn’t use them well enough.